Understanding the anatomy of Air Conditioning Equipment


Much like the human body air conditioning equipment have multiple components like organs that are critical to the operation and performance of the units -



Evaporators work by converting liquid refrigerant to gas form. This conversion produces a drop in pressure and consequently a drop in temperature that then cools the evaporator coils.



A fan is used to blow air over the chilled coils, which cools the air before it is blown into the space.



The condenser converts refrigerant from gas form back to liquid form through “heat transfer”. The condenser coil has a network of tubes that remove heat from the heated gas refrigerant and convert the refrigerant into a liquid form again.


Expansion Valve

Expansion Valves are the bridge between the evaporator and condenser coils. It enables the conversion of the refrigerant from liquid to gas form by removing pressure from the liquid.



The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant gas in order to turn it back into liquid. So the compressor assists the condenser, while the expansion valve assists the evaporator.